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WELCOME! A PENTALOGY OF 5 SHORT 15 MIN plays presented by the BLACK CHURCH PRODUCTION. Written, produced, and directed by Evangelist Dr. Arletha ‘Angel’ Lands as part of her gospel play collection. Each play shows a migration of deception, destruction, misleading guidelines; triangular affects of abuse; mischievous and malicious acts of contemporary persuasions; the negative implementations of societal norms and protocols; and the struggles of worldly wisdom verses divine wisdom. But the main key to unlock all of these variables is our trust in the true Word of God and his divine deliverance's. The five (5) Pentalogy of plays titled: 1). ‘Devil in the White Dress’ 2). ‘Speak from the Heart’ 3). ‘I’m not Black’ 4). My Soul Keeps Rappin’ and 5). ‘I got my Finger on the Trigger’.

“Devil in the White dress” brings awareness to how the devil uses various forms of deception, destruction and misleading guidelines that can steal our joy if we let it. This ‘white dress’ represents one of the devils tools as a way that hampers the core essences of a person self-esteem and determination and/or will to achieve a set goal. The lawmakers in this society have failed to address this devil by waving the rights to many millennial followers to become a part of this parade. However, we as a society is not looking at the cause and effect but at the earned profits which kills the rural communities and enhance the financial well-being of the rich. This play speaks about a 17year old Christian young man, who is smart, intelligent and a striving student that becomes addicted to the “WHITE DRESS” first on an honest and legal base that turns into a downward destructive ending in his life.    See he had big dreams and goals to make a difference in life. He was a positive role model for other students in his class and always spent most of his time helping and encouraging other students to reach for a higher education. But one day it all changed when he was introduced to the ‘White Dress’ that changed the pla​ns of his whole life. His social studies teacher acknowledges the changes in his personality and attitude towards learning. She even noticed how he had become hostile and mean in his surroundings. But the day she recognized the root of his problem it was too late. You see this “White Dress” is used as a formality in this play to show you how easy we can lose our children to the realms of our healthcare systems and government policies. So set back and lets discover together how the ‘White Dress’ affects our millennia today by making them change their positive values into negative circumstances that puts them on the edge of life and death.. And remember, if we can stay away from wearing this ‘White Dress’ then do it!


"SPEAK from the HEART" is a short poetic play that is inspired from the pain of a young woman who went through a triangular affect of mental abuse and physical abuse. You see abuse comes in many different forms, most secretly among family. This play involves a 25 year old southern young woman who experienced bullying and shame regarding her name; mental abuse from her boyfriend that used methods of trying to controlled her but at the same time belittling her, she was physically abused by her mother who beat her as a child for everything and gave her a disgraceful name because she didn’t want her from birth, and even abused by the so called Christian sister’s of the church who sorted her out to be the “Jezebel” of the church without fault. As far as family abuse goes, she was constantly picked on by her siblings always because of her dark skin color and middle names. See she was naïve and emotionally destroyed with a low self-esteem and self-worth from childhood to adulthood. She was treated wrong her whole life by those who suppose to love her… But one day it all changed. She seeks a higher strength when she prayed and asked God into her life. She went from a sad and depressed young woman to a secured, vivacious, determined; God fearing, blessed; prayer warrior, evangelistic; grateful; upstanding and truthful woman. As she moved forward within her life, she became poetically inclined with powerful words to help encourage other women from her experiences. She also became a powerful woman in her poetic speech to God. Well I have said enough, I will just let her tell you the rest. Just listen to her ‘speak from the heart’. Because she wants to share her Art with you…..


‘I’m not black’ is a play that alludes to the co​constitutional rights of those who see being called ‘black’ is a mischievous and malicious act invented by non-black tales of contemporary persuasions of how black is considered a name used for certain racial groups. Now you are probably saying to yourselves this person has a problem with being ‘Black” and is not black and proud or even give power to the people. But who knows what people feel about being called ‘Black”. See many of us define black as any human group having dark-colored skin, especially of African or Australian Aboriginal ancestry. In another Meaning, the color Black is associated with power, fear, mystery, strength, authority, elegance, formality, death, evil, and aggression, authority, rebellion, and sophistication. You see black can also be an offensive term for a black person, from the word Negro, which means the color black in numerous of languages and the diminutive appellations which includes Nigg and Nigz.. But just with a twist in the turns of your mind; I just want you to know ‘I’m not black” which goes far beyond your thought process. This is not about you personally, but like we said earlier black is a mystery, depending on what’s black about it?


‘My Soul Keeps Rappin’ is a play that initiates the ongoing rap of wisdom of our leaders on the divine call to plant true seeds of biblical knowledge within the nation. The word of God is needed and should be spread worldwide, especially among our new millennia’s. See when the soul does not rap around the true biblical contents of our Christian belief values; it tends to throw a curb ball within our nation where there is no care or concern for life; murder becomes regular and common to mankind; disrespect is exercised on a normal basis from our little ones to big ones; societal norms and protocols are negatively implemented and easily offended by the laws of our government; the community becomes a corrupt place and war zone; no faith in God; a back turning method “one is for one,” not for all; the inconsideration for the homeless; and the shameful excuses of God’s leaders for not properly overseeing the flock. The moral message in this play shines light on a preacher and his angry son who finds the truth about his father’s misleading examples of Christian values and corruption in his greed for money. Also his father is too busy chasing a dollar and letting his own selfish needs control and lead him to a road of destruction, if he don’t repent. Charles Jackson better known as C. J. is a young 16 year old boy raised in a standard Christian household that is taught strong Christian beliefs in the true word of God. Rev. Theodore Jackson, C.J.’s father, a pillow of the community; president of the Christian Baptist Convention; overseer of the 1st Christian Baptist Community Church; leader and teacher to minister’s over the world; and a family man who is idolized by many but has an overbearing weakness for control; a thing for new sister’s in the church; a money flasher and is highly materialistic. See for C.J. this experience has brought a broken trust for his father in how he handles the Christian faith. Reconciliation is needed.


‘I GOT MY FINGER ON THE TRIGGER’ speaks to the struggles of worldly wisdom verses divine wisdom in its effort to deter Christian beliefs and trust in God. See through the many trials and tribulations in our life, Satan setup a watch tower for that one weak moment to become a sneering act of a contemptuous expression for causing negative intentional habits which becomes condescending towards using your divine wisdom among others. The finger points to the trials and tribulations in the test of our Christian faith when in the mist of trouble to do the right thing as well as follow the right directions. The trigger is ‘GOD’ which represents the reach factors of believers trust in the highest power, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. As the Lord word says in Proverbs 3:5-6, Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths." You see, without fault is drowned out by the trigger which is the coverage of God’s promise to defeat Satan’s plan. See Satan’s plan invites heavy drug use within our communities; solicit prostitution with our young ladies; and cause for some type of physical abuse, whether youth murders among each other or suicidal causes among our millennial’s. But as Christian’s we trust and believe whole heartily that God answers our prayers and we are covered by his blood. The good thing about having your finger on the trigger is that you can shoot as soon as you see trouble approaching because you have a fully loaded revolver with six (6) bullets in your chamber that represents your intimate relationship with the father; truth and righteousness; peace; faith; salvation; the word of God; and praying. See the trigger teaches us that we have to put on the Whole Amour of God in order to protect ourselves. So get your helmet of salvation, pickup your sword that is God’s word; raise your shield of faith; with the breastplate of righteousness in place; tighten your belt of truth and put your fitted feet in your gospel shoes of peace because we are about to shoot our way through. Praise God, HALLELUJAH!



Th​e play is described in four scenes providing the changes and choices in the life of millennial's today, THE WAY WE RAISE A CHILD: WHERE IS THE GUIDANCE OR SET RULES IN THE HOUSEHOLD; PRAYING FOR OUR WAYWARD CHILDREN; THE EXAMPLES WE SET’: CHASING MONEY; TO THE STREETS: MY WAYWARD CHILD; THE CHURCH: THE CONSTANT NEED FOR PRAYER/TESTIMONIALS IN HOW PRAYER CHANGES THINGS. Trina & Turner, (daughter and son of Sister Debra). Debra Smith a northern woman raised and reared in the church and has fallen by the waist side. She gets married to an unbeliever of God and forgets God in her so called happiness. Debra have two children for Turner Smith, Sr. a business man who earns a rich six figure salary and has no concern for who God is…. Well Debra’s children after the husband passed defiles against any of the teachings of traditional church values as well as fights against their mother’s rules that exemplify good Christian values and the true word of God. The children never knew God but only seen their mother every once and a while praying to God. Debra has turned away from the church into the world which tragically takes her on a journey of destruction. Her children become wayward children before seeing or understanding that there is a true and living God. While seeing her children go through the trials of the world, Debra found her way back to God and began praying on a continuous basis for her children, believing that God would see them through and the recognition of his word would lead them back to the way they should go as well as she become a positive example for their spiritual growth. Rev. Carter and the church pray for Sister Debra and her two children as well as provide ways to direct her toward divine repentance in the midst of worldly trials and tribulations. The moral message of this play brings attention to how we as Christian’s mothers should stay in prayer and lead by positive example in order to reconstruct a Godly foundation for our future millennia.


A play about the truths of biblical repentance that can help bring change to the mindset of millennial’s about Jesus Christ and the turning point to God in faith for Salvation (Acts 3:19) This play uses  SPOKEN WORD; ACTING AND MUSIC AND  “POETIC WORSHIP DANCES TO TRUE REPENTANCE.”  The play is described in seven (7) phases providing the trumpets and tribulations experienced by many millennial believers from dark contrition or regret from past wrongs to the genuine results of faith-based repentance towards the Lord Jesus Christ. These (7) phases are defined with colors to true confession that represents in how we pass through the tangible episodes of life fervent challenges, where its present, past or future, the journey is getting through to true repentance: (1) (WHITE) it represents he dark and weakest moment to the height of deliverance; (2) (RED) represents the blood of Jesus that covers me; (3) (YELLOW) represents how Jesus is the light that shines upon my darkest moments; (4) (BLUE) represents the sky is the limited with Christ our Lord and Savior; (5) (PURPLE) represents the royalty of God’s blessings; (6) (GREEN) represents Gods green pastures (Psalms 23: 1-2): and his sustaining of my Spiritual life; (7) (BLACK) represents the full and true repentance in the ‘forgiveness of God’.


The play interprets how the ‘Black Church’ practices of true repentance plays an important role in the Soteriological doctrines of Christianity and the commitments of personal change and resolution within the life of our upcoming millennial believers. However, the core concerns for “true repentance” that are generated in our analogous practices are unaddressed in comparable to certain respects, typically in a way that makes clearer our religious contexts that involves an act of confession to God. In the “Black Church” today, it is a critical need that millennia understand the act of confession to God for any guilt done and how to totally trust and depend on God to help reverse harmful effects of wrong doing into positive efforts throughout their lives. .

The “Black Church Production” uses all levels of creative performing arts as part of the plan for our millennial’s to become part of the Christian church family.



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