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Who We Are

WELCOME! To the "THE BLACK CHURCH PRODUCTION" we are a spiritual theatrical performing arts production that uses performing arts as a way of implementing christian values and disciplines within our Christian Community  for our upcoming millennial's creative artists in the Bay Area of California. We focus on providing ways for new artists to use their God given talents and gifts by bringing it to the live stage, whether its dancing, singing, visual (artwork: painting etc..), play writers, costume designing, music, and technology (lighting, sound, video-graph etc..).


is a 501(3)c non-profit theatrical performing arts production founded by Evangelist Dr. Arletha "Angel" Lands-McTair, that uses performing arts as a positive tool to implement christian values, vast communications on spiritual worship and life-experiences, disciplines and biblical knowledge within our Christian community, but not limited in the Bay Area of California as a formative role in the lives of our millennial christian believers.

BCP annually opens doors at no cost to millennial's to share their gifts and talents in a spiritual setting and mind frame as a way for establishing positive relationships with young and upcoming artist, performers, dancers, & actors to use their God Giving gifts energies to counteract negative societal influence and relations, violence, hatred, disrespect as well as provide a safer community through the use of creative performing arts that brings vitality and spiritual blessings to the production as a whole. All play are written with a  Christ-Centered focus. 

BCP focus on providing ways for new artists to gain experience in their particular performing art specialty by using their God given talents and gifts by bringing it to the live stage, whether its dancing, singing, visual arts (artwork painting etc..) play writers, costume designing, music and technology (lighting, sound video etc..)

BCP is supported  through sponsors and private supporters.  Funding raised for BCP is used to buy costumes, needed equipment, pay instructors, theater rentals, make-up artists and any administrative cost (flyers, mailing, posters, tickets and logo items). Our fundraisers provide a way for our children, families and christian community to unite where GOD will be the center of not only our lives but for a breakthrough in the world's spiritual growth as a whole. Our fundraisers also goes to our performing arts scholarship program which give our millennial's a change to attend any school for their first year of study within the arts.

BCP formed in 2019 under the umbrella of Health & Fitness 4 Minority Women Inc (HF4MW) in effort to bring a vast communication of spiritual worship between the new millennial's upcoming christian believers and the Christian Community Churches.  HF4MW Inc. (1999) is a 501(3)c non-profit organization that promotes health education among minority and under-served women within rural communities on various health disparities.  




"Praise is what we Do"

Creativity Takes Courage

Giving praise to GOD is a given gift he gave you. Use your gifts and show the world you are wonderfully blessed with Gods mercy and grace. Dance until exhaustion in exhausting his name. 


Dr. Arletha "Angel" Lands-McTair, M.Div at Abilene Christian University (ACU), MD of Orthopaedic, PhD in Leadership Organization and Public and Community Health, MBA in Healthcare Management, MS in Exercise Physiology, BS in Kinesiologist of Exercise and Wellness, BA, AS in Natural & Health Science, & AA in Social n& behavioral Science & Dance Choreography, is a motivational speaker/Evangelist of the Lord our God. Dr. Lands-McTair a native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where she attended the Greater Beulah Baptist Church in South Baton Rouge, La where she gave her life to Christ at age 7. In 1986, she moved to Oakland, Ca in 1986 and attended the St. Andrew Missionary Baptist Church in Oakland, California for 2 years. In her devotion to serving the Lord,  in 1988 she became a member of the Cornerstone Missionary Baptist Church where she studied and completed Evangelism and Discipleship training for 16 years under the spiritual leadership of Dr. Reverend Lester Cannon Sr, in Oakland, Ca as well as taught biblical studies and vocational bible classes to adults and children. Because of the Cornerstone Missionary christian education program, Dr. Lands-McTair furthered her education and attend a Christian University and became a certified Evangelist of the 'LORD'. She is dedicated to following her christian leadership and the Lord's divine plan for her life.

Dr. Lands are a renowned Bay Area Professional Praise Dancer, spiritual consultant and Life coach. Through her many years of experiences, Dr. Lands is  a Gospel play writer, director and producer of "The Black Church", and founder of the "BLACK CHURCH PRODUCTION", she also wrote  the gospel plays "The Black Church",  "My mother prayed for me" and  A Stairway to Heaven", she is a praise and worship leader, singer; acting coach, author and publisher of books and manuals such as 'A Woman's Insecurities'; 'Look Beyond the Art written for aspiring artists'; 'The Rainbow affects of Uterine Fibroid's among women' and educational manuals 'Diabetes Mellitus for the Obese Woman'; Aerobic Conditioning'; Rockin' and Boxin' kickboxing Aerobics' and Water Aerobic Kickboxing'; a educator of biblical practices, entrepreneur, Interior Decorator, Wedding Planner, Creative Artist and Fashion Designer, just to name a few of her God given gifts. 

Dr. Lands-McTair is a philanthropist for private initiatives for public good that focus on the provisions of public health services for minority women in low-income areas. She promotes the welfare of humanity for minority women through the development of health education programs; life coach counseling reflexology; and massage & physical  therapy programs; Dr. Lands-McTair founded several entities such as, LandsPhysiotherapy, Restore & Wellness 4 Seniors; Angel's Personal/Sports specific fitness center; Your Royal Highness Wedding Planning, Lands Elegant Interior Designs, Bea's Creole Kitchen Catering Service, and founder of the non-profit organization " Health & Fitness 4 Minority Women Inc. "EVERYTHING SHE DO, GOD FIRST".

Dr. Lands-McTair is a solider for the Lord and believes in our upcoming future millennial's christian foundation. "Bring them, implement them with christian values to esteem their purpose in life.   

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